15 March 2009

March Break

Heyy Everyone,

Its finally March Break, so I have sometime to relax and post! Something I haven't been able to do in a while. The weather is getting much nicer out, the snow has pretty much all melted, and the temperature is rising, which meant that I got to ditch my winter coat this week which was kind nice. I am excited to catch up on every one's blogs, as well as on my movie watching. Plus Gossip Girl is back on this week!

I finally got a chance to go into American Apparel the other day to try stuff on, we just got one at the mall near us a few months ago. I didn't end up buying anything but I now have a super long wish list. I love their cardigans, they are super soft.

There is this Canadian Designer Hoakon/Helga, and they have really cute bags. The bags are all made out of recycled leather. I love their photo shoots. Here are some of my favourites. But check them out here.

The Figure Skating Worlds are coming up soon. (March 22 -29) They should be really exciting and I can't wait to watch them. I want to wish everyone good luck, especially the Canadians. Hopefully we will bring home some medals.

I hope everyone has an amazing week.


  1. This post has got me thinking that I need a red leather bag. =)

  2. The first bag is wonderful. I am so looking forward to when I finish my research paper and can just focus on relaxing.

  3. nice pics you have! anyway, thanks for wishing us an amazing week. teehee ;3


  4. Those pictures are amazing. A tad reminiscent of Erin Fetherston, yet it's so different. I love.

    xx, Morena

  5. Yay for Canada! And for joe fresh! The superstore in my city always has HUGE savings.. I've seen beautiful heels for only 8 bucks there! Tell me if you find anything cute the next time you go to super store... I never thought I'd love super store so much :P

    love your blog!! these pictures are brilliant and hold so much beauty

    talk to you soon!
    love amy

  6. I'm happy it's spring as well. :)

  7. I like the red one the best

  8. OH GOSH, way to go Belle, a Canadian bag designer that makes such amazing stuff? You just spent my paycheque for me! Haha. Seriously, I want them allll.

    I'm glad you're on break! Hope there's not snow up your way like there is here... I seriously thought we'd have spring for a bit.

  9. great blog.

    exchange links?


  10. The bags are cool! I used to carry red bags too ;)

  11. Thank you so much for your lovely comment! I also love that part of the magazine, I just love interior decoration! I love the picture with the balloon.

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