26 August 2009

Back to school

Heyy Everyone,

I can't believe summer is coming to an end. It went so fast. I have lots to share with you about my summer which I will do very soon I promise, I'm working on the posts, but every time I start I get sucked in by spider solitare. I am slowly becoming addicted its an issue. I will try to get the posts up soon.
This time last year I was doing a back to school post about uniforms, which took forever and was totally worth it. I have mixed feelings about going back to school this year. I'm really excited for my last year of high school, but also sad. I know I am really going to miss my school. It has been like a second home for me for 6 years now and part of me doesn't want to leave. I am excited to visit universities; decide where I want to go and what I want to do, but part of me is afraid to leave the safety of my school. By starting school it will be the beginning of an end, grade 11 flew by and I know grade 12 will too. I remember being in grade 9 and looking up to the grade 12s thinking that they were so much older and that I would be that much older and mature when I reached grade 12. However I still feel like I'm in grade 9, it doesn't feel like I have changed, and now that I'm in grade 12, they don't seem so much older. I know that grade 12 will be stressful to start, but I once everything gets going, I know it will be a lot of fun. This summer went by really fast, its feels like it was just June.
Anyways I hope you all enjoy what is left of your summers.
I will post again soon promise.

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  1. enjoy what's left of high school, but trust me college is much better, I've finished with uni and miss it like hell!!

    have fun!


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