8 September 2009

The last first day

Hey Everyone,
So today was my last first day of high school, so of course yesterday, I had to watch the episode of Gilmore Girls where Rory starts her senior year. I was kind of disapointed to wake up and not find my mother sitting in my room waiting to wish me a happy last first day. I can't seem to find the clip on youtube to share with all of you, so you should just go and watch the entire series. Its worth it.
It was really great to see everyone again at school, I really started to miss everyone. It however felt like I had never left, the summer felt more like a weekend, then 3 months. It was back to routine which I still have to get used to. I am very happy with all of my teachers, thankfully. My two homeroom teachers are hilarious and will make being at school at 8am on a Monday morning a little bit nicer.
I really hope to do well this year, I want to have a good time and many laughs with all my crazy friends.
Sorry for the short post. There will be many more to come (and they will be more interesting with pictures, I promise.)
If you went back to school today, or last week or whenever, I hope that your first day went well.


  1. Good luck in your senior year!! I remember my last first day of high school and before I knew it I was onmy last first day of college... Enjoy it... the best is just beggining...

  2. Oh, I remember that episode! Definitely one of my favorites. Glad the first day went well :)


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