12 September 2009

A is for..

Hey Everyone,

I have been posting about Canadian Designers for a while now, and it is a topic that enjoy posting about. I love learning about new designers and sharing them with everyone. I have decided to make it a regular feature on my blog, and make my way through the Canadian Designers alphabetically. I hope you all enjoy it.

A is for... Anne Marie Chagnon and Arielle de Pinto

This is actually my first post on a Canadian jewelry designer but both designers really stuck out, creating unique and beautiful pieces of jewelry.

Anne Marie Chagnon is a jewelry designer from Quebec. Her work is truly stunning.

These rings are what originally made me fall in love with Anne Marie Chagnon's creations. I have a thing for interesting rings, and these are definitely different and original.

I love the contrast of the dark wood with the silver pieces. I also really love the interesting shapes of the beads.

I really love the colours in this piece. They all complement each other. I also really like the strong geometric shapes within the design.

Check out more of Anne Marie Chagnon's work here.

Arielle De Pinto is from Toronto and has a very unique approach to creating jewelry. She basically knits chains together to create her works of art.

What I love about all her pieces is how delicate she makes the chains look. I love the hardness of the metal with the softness of the knit. In this piece in particular I really like how the two different metals are weaved together.
The incorporation of the brass rings in this piece is stunning.

Find more of Arielle De Pinto's work here.

I hope that everyone has an amazing week.


  1. These are such divine statement pieces. J'adore them all! :)

  2. Hey! Cute blog! And I remember feeling just like you about that whole GG-thing. I used to want to be Rory Gilmore :)

  3. those rings in the first picture are gorgeous

    i wish i had them all!
    btw, I am not uptodate in canadian design but Ill follow our blog to know more about this!

  5. Wow, the knitted chains are so cool!


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