3 October 2009

The Windy City

Hi Everyone,

Over the summer I went to Chicago with my family for a few days. Chicago is a beautiful city with so much history. From the Great Chicago fire in 1871 to Al Capone in the 1920s. The shopping in Chicago was AMAZING. The stores were HUGE. There is this one street called the Magnificent Mile, and it definitely was just that. The Forever 21 was the biggest I have ever seen. It took me hours to go through everything, and I got some really great pieces there. Bloomingdale's had some great sales on jeans, and I got some Urban Outfitter boots that I am in love with. I will show you what I have brought in a later post, I thought I would share some other photos from the trip for now. Chicago has some very interesting buildings, and beautiful architecture.

This building was really cool. It had apartment building up top and a parking garage below.

I was on a bus when I took this photo which is why it is not centered. I think I've mentioned before that I was a doll person as a kid (and in some way I still am) I even own an American Girl. The American Girl place was incredible. I couldn't believe how big it was and how much stuff was going on there. As soon as I walked in I wanted to be 7 years old again, holding my American Girl. My best friend and I used to dream of going there together with our dolls and going for tea. I guess we are a bit old for that now. But it was a lot of fun getting to see all the little girls with their American Girls.

It feels like just yesterday I was in Chicago but it was really over a month ago, how time flies. It's hard to believe that school has started and that its already OCTOBER! Seriously when did that happen? I feel like I am really starting to get out of that blogging funk I was in earlier, and hopefully that means I will be posting more often. I think I went through a bit of writers block for a while and didn't know what direction I wanted to take the blog so I just sort of stopped posting. Hopefully I am through all that now, and you will be getting more regular posts.

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