30 June 2010

Guilty Pleasures

Hey Everyone,
We all have them those guilty pleasures that we hate to admit but we love to watch. Lately for me its been Pretty Little Liars. However I have to say these four girls have some really great clothes which I have been giving me lots of inspiration lately.

I love Aria (the one in the dress and black jacket) and Hanna's (the one in the dress and blue cardigan) style's the best so far.

This is my favourite outfit so far. I love the whole combination of the boots, dress and jacket. I really want to get a pair of boots like this, however stores aren't really carrying boots now. Have to wait until closer to fall I guess.

This is what the girls wore to their friend's funeral. I love Aria's tights.

The show so far has been pretty good. The plot line is pretty interesting and I am excited to see it unfold, that being said I wouldn't replace any of my regular fall shows for it. (I currently watch about 5 or 6 tv shows a week during prime tv time). However it's a great summer show. Check it out if you have the chance.


  1. haven't been able to catch it on tv but the clothes look great! How does it compare to gossip girl though?

  2. I LOVE this show, it's really good!

    I think the point of it is to be a summer show, which I think is so smart of ABC Family. I really enjoy Make It Or Break It also and I love having something to watch in the summer =-)

  3. I really enjoy your blog, how sweet :))
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    Can't wait to hear from you hon!

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  5. Wow, amazing clothes. This looks a bit like gossip girl.. or is it a reality show like the hills or the city? Anyways, not important. I LOVE their heels and the black dresses are so gorgeous.

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  6. I am in the process of doing a "style story" on the four of them, I do not even understand how you found those stand alone shots of them (not the press ones). I was SEARCHING for those as a comparison to the outfits I did for them. Well, now I guess I have a choice lol! Well keep a look out for my PLL inspired looks(I have emily's down!)!! xoxox Camille @ NeverNaked.blogspot.com


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