20 December 2010

Once again.. its been a while

So its not a secret that I suck at updating this blog. Which I have been so busy lately that I have forgotten to even begin to feel guilty about it...opps. Then it comes a time when I stumble upon a new great blog that I haven't read before and I think oh ya I have one of these. Then the itch starts and I think to myself why not start blogging again. Then I remember that I'm crazy busy and I don't have a funny, witty personality that everyone loves, nor do I wear skirts on a daily basis. Yet its about to be the start of a New Year, which always means New Years resolutions. Which usually includes posting on a regular basis. And hey, if a regular basis means every few months then I'm right on track. I once again have no idea if I am going to start posting again. Do I have that kind of time and energy to post again, or do I just want to enjoy my first year of university and all of the craziness that goes on there. Living in Rez has been such an interesting experience and I have grown and changed living alone and by alone I mean sharing a room with a roommate and living on a floor with 40 other 17- 20 year olds who are all at university to "study" and have a good time. (Don't get me wrong I am seriously there for the school, the social life is just a great added bonus). Just finishing finals is reminds me that I am for sure there to study my ass off, but hey it all worth it in the end right. Perhaps I will try to update more often, I always thought that this blog had to be a daily fashion blog kind of thing with a ton of readers but right now I might just be content with it being for me. Personally I miss writing my random thoughts down and just hitting publish post. Not the greatest editing skills haha. But a rant and a ramble is what I am good for.
Heres to another year gone.


  1. oh girl, do i ever know the feeling! but i'm glad you got an update in there so we know you're still alive. get back to me when you return to the blogging world :)

  2. First year of university can be quite the jumble wherever you are! I didn't have the grace or strength in my first year to go to rez, but it requires a lot of growing up no matter where you go, eh?

    Don't blog when you don't feel like it; enjoy what you have right now! You'll never get this "newness" back... although sometimes that's a bit of a relief haha.

    Keep going with grace & poise <3


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