21 July 2012

Nail It

I have an obsession with my nails. I hate it when they are chipped, and I am constantly redoing them. I love OPI polishes but just recently discovered essie polishes. I knew they existed but I had never tried them. I wanted a bright blue colour since I was going for a nautical theme at the time and couldn't find an OPI one that I liked, so I decided to go with this shade from essie.
mezmerised by essie

My nautical nails.  

Close up of my free hand anchor 

I loved the colour so much that when the nautical design started to chip, I repainted them and added glitter to my ring finger. I used my Sally Hansen top coat (pictured above) as a glue to adhere loose MAC glitter I had from a long time ago. 

What is you favourite nail polish?

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  1. So adorable! Just found your blog and following you now!


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