21 February 2013

Craving: Winter Edition

Craving: Cozy Winter
It has been snowing like crazy here these past few days and I am headed to the slopes! I am super excited to spend some time outside this winter. There are some of the cozy things I have been craving this winter. 

Blanket, Book and Candle - There is nothing like curling up under a blanket reading a great book under the soft glow of a great smelling candle. One of my favourite ways to spend a cold winter day. 

Socks - My feet are ALWAYS cold. I love a good pair of warm socks. A cute pattern doesn't hurt either. 

Sweater - This hand knit sweater from Canadian Designer Granted would be perfect for winter. It looks so warm and cuddly. 

Scarf - I rarely leave the house without a scarf. All year round. This hand knit one is super cool. Not only does the zipper accent look great it is also function. Unzip the to wear it like a normal scarf or zip it up to wear as a circle scarf. Genius! 

What are you craving this winter? 

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