26 June 2013

The Internship

No not the movie, although I would still like to see it. Is it any good? I started my summer internship almost a month ago now. Its hard to believe how quickly time flies!

I have just started to feel like I fit and have something resembling a routine. It took a while to get used to early mornings again and a regular schedule. I am just starting to feel normal (probably the whole 21 days to create a habit thing). I know that I have started to let things slide as I got used to my new routines (this blog, working out, eating healthy). I am ready to start getting back on track.

  I am loving spending time in the working world and seeing how my degree might be put to good use one day haha. Its been a fun eye opening experience and I cannot wait to learn more. I have finally got my foot in on some really cool projects and have really started looking forward to work everyday.

What was your first internship or where would your dream internship be?


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