23 April 2014

Graduation Gifts for Friends

Gifts for Grads

The majority of my friends are graduating this year. They are off to start the next exciting chapter of their lives. Here are some ideas that I came up with to get them as a small congratulations. All are under $50. 

Starbucks Giftcard -  A Starbucks (or other coffee or tea) giftcard is a perfect gift for someone who is about to enter the workforce. Pair it with a thoughtful card and provide them with coffee for their first day of work. 

Book - There are so many great books out there for grads. Lean In is one that I would recommend for any recent grad. 

Manicure - Treat your friend to a manicure. Its nice to feel pampered after studying for so long.  Many places have gift cards you can give, but even better why not go with her and spend some time together before things get crazy again. 

Travel Journal - So many of my friends are taking time off after graduating and before they start working to travel. A journal is a great way for them to record their thoughts and memories while abroad. Fun add ons: a sleep mask and ear plugs for those train, plane and car rides. 

Necklace - Dogeared has some really cute necklaces that are perfect for grads. Wether you want to wish you friend good luck on her next chapter or thank her for always being there for you. I like the simplicity of them. Etsy also has some great options for unique jewellery and personalized necklaces.

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