12 August 2007

It's the most WONDERFUL time of the year...

Omg if I hear those words one more time, or see an "easy" button commercial I just might scream! Well back to school is in less then a MONTH!! AHH!! But the one good thing about back to school is it means back to school shopping. Here is my back to school wish list!

Double Breasted Jacket from AE.

So I need a couple new pairs of jeans, I fell in love with these ones from Guess

These necklaces from FoxyOriginals are simple yet cute and will go with almost everything.

I love these pumps by Steve Madden.

These ankle boots from Aldo would look great with jeans, a skirt or a dress. Try them with tights.

On the school accessories side:

I love these pens from staples they are comfortable to write with and there are many fun colours! :D

I LOVE POST ITS! Seriously they are the GREATEST invention EVER! And now that they come in many fun shapes and colours writing notes, or keeping your spot in a book is even more fun. Get them at Staples

Also from staples these notebooks come in many fun colours and designs. Or just buy regular ones and paste magazine pictures all over them.

Find earth friendly tin lunch boxes like this one on Ebay! Arn't they cute?

Need a way to carry around that laptop how about this fashionable tote from www.kolobags.com

or maybe this funky breifcase style one also from www.kolobags.com

This planner from Fredflare.com is just too cute. It has everyday of the week PLUS someday! It is sure to keep you on track!

Anyway thats all from me! Have fun back to school shopping everyone! :D


  1. Ankle boots are something that I just love love love. Whats so great about them is that they're fit for fall and there are so many different ones to coose from.

  2. loving that coat from ae-- so cute!

    oh yeah and trading links would be awesome :-)


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