19 August 2007

Sing it all or nothing

Okay, I'll admit it I watched High School Musical 2: Sing it all or nothing.(There might be some plot spoilers to follow.) I however was VERY disappointed! While some of the songs were catchy, I found that they almost over sung, there was a song for everything and everyone, and they weren't as catchy as in the first movie. The lip syncing was off, and the dancing wasn't great, it was better in the first. Everything that you came to love from the first movie seemed to be missing, there wasn't as much basketball, and they didn't seem to be working towards anything(such as a musical, or basketball playoffs) other then the talent show at the end which Sharpay kept trying to stop and they didn't even pull together, to try and stop her, it wasn't REALLY saved. Troy and Gabriella hardly sang together, and it took them FOREVER to kiss. The set looked overdone and fake. The entire thing was cheesy. After all the Hype that it got I for one was VERY DISAPPOINTED and let down. The one good thing about HSM 2 was that they wore much better clothes! And as always Ryan's Hats. :D I give it 2/5 stars.



  1. i've never really gotten around to watching the entire high school musical 1 so i guess i'll have to finish that before checking out the second one

  2. I didn't want to admit it, but I actually liked the first high school musical. I was sort of curious to see the 2nd one, but maybe I won't rush out to see it. Thanks for the heads up!!

  3. I've got to admit it, I watched HSM 2 too :s I think the first one was wayy better, but how much can you seriously expect from the disney channel?

  4. I thought it was just as good as the first. And the fact that it is such a wholesome movie that kids of any age can watch makes it that much better. Do you really think their target audience is kids in high school?


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