29 September 2007

Working Out

I have started skating and working out on a higher level now so I have decided to get some new gear. I must say that I love LuluLemon! It is great! I love the fabric and how breathable it is. It hardly feels like you are sweating when you are wearing LuLuLemon. Here are some of my favorites:

I really like these cropped pants, they would be great to wear on the ice.

I have this jacket in black and I love it. It is so comfortable.

This would look really cute with one of my skating skirts on top. It would also be great for dance, too bad I'm not dancing anymore.

Okay so I have these and they are great because they are reversible, so you can wear them with anything.

Okay so if I was still dancing I would totally get this sweater. It almost makes me want to start dancing again. So do these shorts:

This is just really really cute and it looks really soft too. :D

I really want this top, but in a different colour, I am thinking pink or black.

Now all I need to do is find the money to buy all of this stuff. lol.
Have a good week everyone :D


  1. do you live on vancouver island by any chance?
    haha lulu lemon is very exclusive to around these parts
    and its also ridiculously expensive
    i cannot stand how much they overprice their clothing and how easily people pay that much!

  2. hmm weird i thought they only had lulu lemon on vancouver island
    guess im wrong about that!

    just so you know, im not a creepy stalker
    i live on vancouver island so im just curious


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