23 October 2007

Comfy and Cozy

I am very sorry that I have been ignoring my little blog, but I have been so very busy. Well here is a new post for all of you who have suffered from my absence. As it is getting colder and winter is coming. ( I am not sure whether to be happy or sad about winter. I love the first snow, but the cold gets on my nerves after a while...oh note to self must do a coat post soon!)So I decided to do a post on all things comfy and cozy if you didn't get that from my title. After you finish reading my post (I am of course assuming you got this far) you will want to grab your favorite book and a cup of hot chocolate with mini marsh mellows and sit by the fire!
Okay here goes:

So you will need a blanket to snuggle up in and this is the perfect one. It looks so soft. It is from La Senza!

Also from La Senza are these slipper boots. They are fuzzy... need I say more?

More comfy then cozy are these Arie boxers. Aren't they cute?

Okay if you have never been to roots, go run there NOW!! It is the only place to get amazingly cozy, soft and comfy trackpants. They are the best track pant out there. If anyone knows how to make a cozy track pant it is us Canadians. :P

So this is a guy's shirt. But it is the most comfortable thing I own. It was bought for my brother but he never wears it (well he doesn't know he has it...) so its mine. Its ae.

SLIPPER SOCKS!!! Who doesn't need/want slipper socks. Do you ever get those days where your feet are freezing and feel like they will never get warm, well if you do then clearly you don't own slipper socks. They will fix this problem right away! okay enough about the slipper socks, seriously though get them from Arie.

Of course if I am going to do a comfy and cozy post I need a robe. Its from La Senza.

Well I hoped that you enjoyed my post. I promise to post more often. Stay tuned for a post on coats as promised earlier. Okay I won't keep you any longer as I know you are DYING to sit in front of that fire with your books and hot choclate!!!
P.S. for those of us who are counting (only me okay) well its my 25th post. I just thought that, that was some need to know information right there. YEAH ME!


  1. Those slipper boots look amazing, I've got to have them for the winter!

  2. ahhhhhh that blanket looks SO cosy! je suis jaloise

    ok thats not the right word haha

  3. confort is never out of fashion...

  4. those boots and the knitted socks look so comfortable and warmmm!!!

  5. 2.4% was a very calculated, scientific equation
    it took, uh...lots of mad calculator work while i was watching the show


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