31 October 2007

Trick Or Treat

Heyy Everyone!
Happy Halloween! I hope you all dressed up and watched some scary movies! :D

So I saw some pretty amazing costumes at school today, my favorites was a mobster (I got to use my Godfather references, which btw are all from Gilmore Girls seeing as I have yet to see the movie :P) There was also a whack-a-mole and a Devil wears Prada (a devil dressed in Prada in case you didn't get that one) there were lots of guys dressed as girls and lots of old ladies!

So have funn tonight! Eat lots of candy! YUMMYY!!!

Anyway leave a comment and tell me what you were/are for Halloween.
I am being a black cat... totally not original but I was short on time and ideas. I will try harder next year.
So here are some random Halloweenish pictures:

Have fun and be scared!


  1. i was a groupie...because its fun to be a skank every now and then!

  2. thanks for checking out my blog! im loving yours!


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