13 October 2007

It's never black or white

I love the colour grey! I have almost to much grey, if there is such a thing. Anyway here are a few of my favorite grey items that I wish I owned:

You can get them at www.net-a-porter.com and www.bluefly.com. Wow all together it looks like a very grey outdoor winter look. I need the gloves though! They are so cute! Anyway have a good weekend everyone! Sorry about the crazy non making sense of this post. I will post more soon!


  1. OMG OMG grey...honestly i am so addicted to it!! its like black..but not so intense...i love it...and yes the guys on gossip girl are SO SO SO SO HOT...;)

  2. im becoming a fan of grey too!
    its very classy but also cool

  3. love the grey, the boots are gorg

  4. thanks!!!
    those gray and black heels are very awesome.
    gray is currently one of my fave colors.

  5. It's all fabulous, I love love the shoes!

  6. i bought some grey skinny jeans
    theyre amazing!

  7. after doing all my back to school shopping i realized: Oh my. 9 out of 10 tops i own are grey. i love grey!!

    love the scarf by the way


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