28 November 2007


Mark by Avon has some great products. I love their catalogue because it has many day to night looks. Here are some of my favorites from Mark.

This necklace can be worn either long or short. If you wear it short you remove the beaded sections and you can wear them as bracelets.

These rings are cute, give a pop of colour and are only $14.

These hook-ups are great because you can pick two of anything and connect them depending on what you need that day. You can hook-up an eyeliner and a lip gloss or an eyeliner and an eyeshadow etc.

These pallet are amazing. You can pick whatever colours you want and you can mix and match them and change them, everything is magnetic. They have two different sized pallets.

I really like this top because it is so simple and can be dressed up or dressed down. It would look really good with a pair of jeans and a clutch.

Anyway thats all for now.


  1. great top
    and i love your blogs new look

  2. I love Mark this hookup is great

  3. Mark by avon actually cool, I'm glad I finally have a catalog to look at when things get boring at my grandma's house, haha!

  4. love the colour of the rings too!

  5. Mark stuff does look really great, especially the make up because it's so inexpensive! have you bought anything, is there anyting in particular you recommend??

  6. Nice post. I know what you mean about talking fast because of Gilmore Girls. I talk faster than anyone I know. Wish it was still going on.

  7. that necklace is so fabulous! so are the rings! radical post!

  8. Oh I know! All I could think of when I finished watching the series finale, was what the last two lines were supposed to be.


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