5 February 2008

Purse Post

So I have been a horrible blogger lately. I really need to get back into the swing of things but I have a bunch of great post ideas so there is lots more to come! Anyway here is my promised purse post:

So this is the content of my purse. My wallet, body shop lip gloss, my cell, my puffer, a package of oreo 100cal snack things because they are quick and yummy, my makeup pouch, my ipod, my water bottle, extra gum which is amazing, key, burts bees, pretty minty mints which have a mirror too, a mirror compact and To Kill a Mocking Bird which I have yet to start reading.
Inside the Pink Makeup bag... now brace yourself there is a lot of lipgloss.

Well thats all for me...


  1. haha you have a very impressive lip gloss collection

  2. urgh! i know what u mean about being too busy for blogging! i am already slacking on my new years resolution!

  3. I have been a horrible blogger too, can't seem to find time to post. I want school to be less hectic.


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