20 February 2008

Pink Tartan

hello all,
So I was reading a magazine in the waiting room at the doctors, I believe that it was FASHION (whatever it was it was Canadian) and there was a small blurb on Pink Tartan and I decided to check it out. I love how all the pieces go really well together and can be mixed and matched, and everything is very wearable. Here are my favourites:

I love the bow and the stripes. The shorts have a very nautical feel to them.

This top is so simple, I really like the buttons.

The pattern on the shirt is great and the thin red belt really finishes the outfit.

I love this coat. It's so simple and crip. I know that if I got it though it would be dirty in a minute, but it's really cute. The silver buttons really pop.

This look reminds me of watermelon which is probably why I like it so much. I really like the layering of the two diffrent shades of pink and the different textures.

Well thats all for me. I will post again soon, I have bought some stuff from Forever 21 that I want to share with you in my next post.
Have a good week


  1. the first look is cute. i think we're soulmates! haha, just kidding. but i love your about me thing about lorelai... except i'm rory in my world. but i definitely live in stars hollow and i'm definitely married to jess. i'm always looking for smalltown connecticut towns where i can live when i grow up. there are real ones, i forget where, but one has a gazebo JUST LIKE the show. god and there must be a kirk. okay, sorry rambling! cute blog :)

  2. The clothes are pretty cute!

  3. The last look I could imagine Ralph Lauren creating. I dont know why, and maybe Im all off, but it kinda looks like a a horse jockeys outfit (?) maybe Im dillusional.

  4. i love the white outfit, it seems like something bianca jagger or anita pallenberg might wear!

  5. I love the mod white coat. Thanks for telling us about the brand.

  6. Those are all such cute outfits. & I love the model's hair. :]

  7. oooh very cute! i love it all :)

  8. wow i really like the first too looks and i even like that models hair!

  9. These looks are really nice! I love the one with the red sweater


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