5 March 2008


Hello all,
I can't believe that it is already March!!! Even with that extra day in February, it still felt very short.
I was at the mall today, and I ran out of my face wash and needed some more. The lady at the store kept trying to convince me that I didn't want that one and that I wanted a different one, which was better for my skin. I was like no I use the other one, I don't like that one I have tried it. Anyway I ended up not getting any, so now I still need to get my face wash.
I really want to get some Lip Conditioner from MAC. I love how it has a light tint and isn't gooey, plus it has an SPF 15.

Anyway, a few weeks ago now, how time flies, I went shopping at Forever 21. I have never been before and it is HUGE!!! I didn't know where to look next. I could have spent a day in there, but I didn't have a lot of time, so here is some of what I bought:

I love this cardigan, I am wearing it right now actually.

I really needed a pair of pants that weren't jeans.

So this is how I have worn them, the purple tank top is from Urban Planet I believe, and the necklace is FOXY.

I didn't really own a longer top like this one. It ties in the back and looks really good on.

I'm sorry for the bad photos. I couldn't figure out how to take a picture of the ring. With flash with out flash, semi flash. Anyway I finally sort of figured it out. As for the ring it I love it and it was only like $6.
Anyway thats all for me for now


  1. i like that first striped cardigan its kinda reminds me of the girl in your post below. i havent gone shopping in so long.. and forever 21 is always my first pick!

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  5. Forever 21 is such an amazing place!

  6. I want to go to MAC now and get that lipstick!

  7. Will you help us sharing pics or links about outfits you really like?



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