23 March 2008


Heyy Everyone,
Sorry I haven't posted in a while, we were on break from school and I went to Mexico for some sun. I was very disappointed when I got home and found that there was still snow on the ground. I have decided to hide until the weather becomes warm again. Anyway on with the post. One of my favourite accessories is scarves. I love how they can really pull together an outfit.
Scarf wearing Celbs:

Christina Milian

Rachel Bilson

Reese Witherspoon

My Scarf Favourites:

From American Apparel

From Net-a-porter

From Nordstorm

From Shopbop

I would like to congratulate Jeffery Buttle the new Men's Figure Skating World Champion. He had an amazing, clean skate and won the worlds without a Quad! You should have seen me when I found out he won, I was jumping up and down. Ya sometimes I get overly involved. :P

I hope everyone has a good week.


  1. another lucky one who got to go to mexico

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  3. i love rachel and Resse's looks~! i always wear scarves!

  4. this is the year of the scarves!!
    I love the one that reese has one there, it looks great and what a vibrant color!

  5. mmm i love scarves cool post!


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