4 July 2008

Colleen Baran, The Jonas Brothers and New Moon

Heyy Everyone,

So having nothing better to do then watch endless hours of TV, I manged to catch Much Music Live with the Jonas Brothers. Now I don't really listen to the Jonas Brothers and I am by no means a die hard fan. However I do think Joe Jonas is hot, and I did catch some of Camp Rock, which I was pleasantly surprised by. It wasn't as cheesy and lame as I thought it would be. So watching them live on Much I have to say they are very down to earth and seem like a lot of fun; they are starting to win me over. Can I please just say that some of these fans are crazy, some camped outside of the Much Music building for two days, in order to see the Jonas Brothers. I'm sorry but that is a little bit insane, I can't imagine doing that.

Anyway moving on, I am in love with this ring:

It is designed by a Canadian Designer, Collen Baran. There is an interview with her on Fred Flare here. You can get this ring at Fred Flare here. It is $64.

This ring is part of her The Love Inside series. It was inspired from love letters around the world. It is basically two rings that fit inside each other, and in between them is a message. The message is a quote from one of the many love letters, however upon request she will send the special paper so that you can create your own message. It is $300

I love the simplicity of this, of all her work really. This is $44, and is part of her Felt Series.

This is from her Bubble Lace Series. I think that it is my favourite series. I love how the grouping of the circles is so interesting and different in each piece. This piece is one that you could wear everyday and it also seems very delicate. This ring is $59.

If you would like to purchase anything by Collen Baran check out her Etsy shop here. You can also check out her website here.

I got the next book in the Twilight series last night, and I can hardly wait to finish it. So far it has been pretty amazing, I have to keep myself from flipping to the end to see what happens, and I need to say away from spoilers online.

I am half way done the book, and I had to force myself to put it down. I am eagerly awaiting the Twilight movie, ever since I found out that Robert Pattinson (aka Cedric Diggory) is playing Edward. See, now all of you are dying to see it. Lol.

Anyway thats all for now.

Ps. I got a new camera!!! :D.


  1. i really need to read the twilight series!

  2. that ring is so cool!
    and i the jonas brothers, but i would NEVER camp outside for them. haha

  3. haha, I do sort of like the Jonas Brothers. They manage to look pulled together a lot of the time.

  4. i love the cover of the book u mentionned !! it's so cool !

  5. i really need to start reading those stephenie meyers books. a friend told me to start.. but when i went to the library they weren't there. =/ maybe they'll be there next time!

  6. That ring is so cute, how did you find something like that? It's great that you have a new camera, I recently purchased one and I'm in heaven!

    BTW, would you like to do a link exchange with me?

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  8. I love the ring too! I have something like that, but hearts! Ahahaha I prefer zac to the jonas brothers :D & I need to read the twilight series too!

  9. i read twilight but I really need to get on to the rest I just haven't had time and with my reading crime and punishment for summer reading i have no clue when i will get to it

  10. god those books are so good! im counting down until the next one comes out

  11. Love the jewelry. Yay for a new camera!

  12. Very nice picks. I keep hearing about this book--especially from friends who live in the West Coast, I'm think it may be a sign that I need to read it..

  13. heyyy belle thanks for the comment!
    OMG I LOVE YOUR BLOG!! i would love to link!

  14. i know i already commented on this, but my next post is going to be about the jonas brothers concert i went to, so stay tuned!

  15. I love love love that you feature Canadian designers, once again! I love the ring....

    I actually just (pre)ordered two Pink Tartan pieces that I saw on your blog :)


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