11 July 2008

but there was no Kirk...

Heyy Everyone!
So I have been in driving school this past week, which explains my slight lack in posting. I have been learning all about becoming a good driver, it was pretty dull, but I know that it's important. I can't wait for the in-car lessons (the fun stuff!). Plus the girl to guy ratio in the class was pretty unbalanced there were like three guys to every girl, that didn't hurt.

I have finally gotten the third book to the Twilight Series. It is Eclipse. I am not finished it yet, I am about half way through and I am loving it. I like it better then New Moon for sure. There is going to be a Midnight Masquerade In-Store Event, for when Breaking Dawn comes out. I am thinking of going with a bunch of friends for fun, if I do, and I wear a mask I will post it here later. I think I might make a mask, I made one in grade eight for an art project, but I don't know where it is now, so I'll have to make another.

Now don't get me wrong I love Blake Lively and Gossip Girl, but honestly what is she wearing? It looks like a grey night gown to me.

Yesterday my friend and I went to "Stars Hollow" the fictional town from Gilmore Girls. She lives were the first few episodes were filmed, so we had to go and take some pictures. If you are not a huge Gilmore Girl fan, that is what my post title is referring too. The fact that there was no crazy towns people.

So this was Luke's. I don't know if you can see them but on the step are our "Luke's" coffee cups. Ya we're cool.

This is Lorelai's and Rory's house. I pretty much freaked out when I saw it.

I have been busy finding Canadian Designers to feature, and I have quite a few now, so expect posts! Today I am going to feature lily + jae.

It is designed by Jude Feller, who is a self described Tomboy, which you would never guess by the clothes. They are all very cute, and girly. As soon as I saw the pictures I loved them. They are designed for the prototypical girl next door. lily + jae has been seen on stars such as Lily Allen and Amy Smart. Here are some of my favourites:

This sweater looks so comfortable and it is really cute. I am also loving the red flats.

Very simple, yet cute sundresses.

I am in love with the trench coat. I want it, no need it. I love the red heart on the collar, I think its so cute.

Some wide leg pants, I really like the colour, its different and very pretty. I am also loving the bag.

I hope you all have a good weekend. Check back on Tuesday for my Homework from Mary's Summer school.


  1. Ha, i actually have a nightgown alot like Blake's dress in that picture. I love the sweater in the first picture by lily+jae, i've been looking for one like that for a while.

  2. that's so cool about the gilmore girls thing.
    and blake's dress does look like a nightgown.

  3. i. am. so. sad. i wanna dress up and get the book :(

  4. !!!
    Thats so cool that you visited that village. i haven't a huuuuge Gillmore Girls' fan but I did like it and I got the Kirk reference! Rory was my idol, she was GORGEOUS.

    I love how simple their outfits are but all the pieces have little correlating details. Perfection!

  5. Penn Badgley = hottie. Love trench coats too!

  6. Wow. I really need to look for Eclipse soon & read it!!

  7. im in total agreement about blake but i think it would be okay in another colour. on

  8. i really want to start that series! my friend is obsessed!
    that is soo cool about gilmore girls - it is still one of my favorite shpws, even though the show is "done"

  9. Love all the pictures, simple and chic!

  10. I agree with what you said about Blake Lively. Her style is amazing, but that whole outfit sort of drains the colour from her skin and hair!

  11. I agree. I'm not liking Blake's outfit either. But, she is so gorgeous that I didn't really notice how awful it was! Haha.

    I love book parties! I went to the last Harry Potter one and got all dressed up. It was fun to go somewhere where everyone was into the book. =)

  12. i looked through your blog and i love it all! i like your sense of fashion and all the pictures you have. don't bother looking at mine, it's quite boring.
    and i also read all three twilight books. i'm rereading them right now so that i can catch up for when Breaking Dawn comes out. right now i'm halfway through Twilight.

  13. yeah wide jeans are the new hit !! if only it doesnt give a smaller shape !!

  14. I've tagged you for an award on my blog :).


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