19 July 2008

Allison Wonderland and Broken Doll Clothing

Heyy Everyone,
So the other day family friends came over and one of them had gotten some clothes from someone, and they got a pair of Mavi jeans, but they didn't fit them. So they brought them for me, and they fit. I was very very very happy. I got a pair of jeans for free and they fit like they were made for me.

Allison Smith designs the Canadian line Allison Wonderland. She was raised in BC, and started her line in 1998. Here are some of my favourites from the Spring/Summer '08 collection:

This dress has a great print, and it is light and fresh for summer.

I love the opening in the back of this dress. I also like the black and white design of the fabric.

I like the belted waist of this top and the print.
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Broken Doll Clothing is designed by Leah Bohnet. In high school she used her fellow students to test her designs on.

I really like the layered skirt on this dress.

I love the plunging neckline on this dress.

The red band in this dress really helps to bring out the pattern in the rest of the dress. It is hard to tell from this picture, but its a floral pattern.

I love this print, it is my favourite by far. Its so fun and bright. I really like the back of the top.

I love how simple this top is, yet it can be dressed up.

I really like the blue and red colour combination in this dress.

This dress would look great with bright accessories.
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I have recived an award from Rebel Angel.

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I hope that everyone has an amazine weekend.


  1. thanks i will probably post sunday

  2. Wow, I am really honored! Thanks for the award *hugs

  3. oo i love the alice line, very whimsical like the name suggests

  4. I like both collections (if not the first better). They're so fresh and summery and so wearable!

    Thanks for showing, hooray for Canada! :)

  5. Oh, thank you for the award!

    And I really do need some summer dresses. o_0

  6. Cute dresses! I had never heard of that designer before!

  7. Great feature of the designer

  8. I really love the little sailor dress, it's so cute.

  9. I love the second dress. I will try to make one this weekend.

  10. I LOVE that dress with the back cut out. it is amazing!

  11. thankyouuu for the award!! i gave you it too because your blog is ace, see my last post : )

  12. :)
    You're so nice
    And the Alice line, wow, so cute. Do you know if they have a website?

  13. i love the jeans and the second dress is so cute!

  14. sure,I will try to start this weekend...

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  16. thanks for your cute commentss on my blog :)

  17. I love that patterned open back dress in the middle!

  18. Nothing better then free clothes is there?! Love those Allison Smith summer dresses too. Love the youthfullness of them.


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