19 January 2009


Heyy Everyone,

I have had a very busy past week. I am in my school play and we are getting into the thick of rehearsals. I was hoping to post this earlier this week but I didn't get the chance. The Canadian Figure Skating Nationals just ended, they were in Saskatoon this year. It was a very exciting year, and I spent the entire weekend watching skating. It is freezing here! My hands are all chapped from the cold. The weather makes it seem like an appropriate time to post about Canadian Designer Granted.

Granted produces all handmade products right here in Canada.

This sweater looks super warm and soft. When I am freezing all I want to do is put on a warm cozy sweater, like this one.

These leg warms are really cute, and the look warm. I would love to get a pair.

If you would like to see more check it out here.

I hope that everyone has an amazing week.



  1. COZY!
    I'm freezing right now, those all look appealing :)

  2. I wish I could wear all those winter stuff.. but down here the sun is always up! Cheers!

  3. Those pieces definitely look so comfy and snuggly!

  4. They make me actually like winter :)

  5. hey, i like your 'about me' section. yes things aren't so black and white.

    nice background print also.

  6. cute! and where you took the pictures is so pretty!


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