9 January 2009

Photos and Tag

Heyy Everyone,

It has been just over a week into the New Year, and so far no complaints. Over the break I got some time to catch up on my blog reading, and I read some amazing blogs, with beautiful pictures. They inspired me to take some of my own. I am not very good, and I played around with my camera a bit, but I'm still kinda proud of them. I choose to do a dancer theme, because something about ballet shoes and tutus really interest me. Anyway here they are:

I really like watching old movies. The other day I watched For Keeps? with Molly Ringwald, it was cute and funny. There were some pretty epic scenes right from the start. Stan's little sister was super adorable and amusing. I recommend it for a night when you want to watch something light hearted.

I saw this Tag on The Tiffany Tree, and decided to do it, it looked like fun.

The Rules:
1. First, state the rules.
2. State four talents that you happen to possess.
3. State four random facts about yourself.
4. Tag four other bloggers and state why you tagged them.

Talents- I'm not the most talented person, I don't play any instruments or do anything special, but here goes:
1. I can pretty much recite any episode of Gilmore Girls to you.

2. I am very good at Dominoes, much better then Monopoly.

3. Can biology be a talent? As in the course... If not I'm making it one.

4. Baking chocolate chip cookies. The secret is to under cook them, so they are chewy and taste more like cookie dough

Random Facts (I always blank on these, sorry if there are any repeats):

1. I can't stand it when my nail polish chips. I have to take it off right away and redo it. I hate looking at my nails when they are all chipped. The really sad part is that I didn't have this until I was reading a magazine and I think Hillary Duff's pet peeve was chipped nail polish, and for some reason after that I was like wow, I really hate it when my nails chip. Now I have spent way too much time on this subject.
2. I have an American Girl, even though I am Canadian. I was a doll person. I loved to dress her, and I used to take her around with me everywhere. I got her to look like me and everything.
3. I didn't cry during the Notebook. I am one of the only girls I know who didn't. I really didn't find it that sad. I don't really cry during movies, I cried in Finding David's Heart (some TV movie) and in Titanic. I tend to cry more in books.
4.When I have nothing better to do I bake cookies, cakes, pies or muffins, then I proceed to eat them all. Seriously the fact that I am not 500 pounds surprises me on a daily basis.

Now then onto the Tagging:
I tag...
1.Ambigous Alleration Abomination - I discovered this blog not that long ago, and it is quickly becoming one of my favourites. It always has amazing posts with beautiful pictures.
2.Say Pleats! - She has a great sense of style, and honestly her room is gorgeous!
3.If you made it through my paragraph on chipped nail polish consider yourself tagged.
4.Everyone Else- I read a ton of blogs, and truely enjoy reading everyone of them.
I hope everyone has an amazing weekend.


  1. I haven't seen the Notebook yet. I'd like to, though

  2. I love the dancer theme. The pictures could use a little refining, but they're a really nice start! Thanks for the tag :)

  3. i love ballet shoes! they are so sweet and romentic. have you seen the new film with Emma Watson? I think it's called the ballet shoes or dance or something. Maybe that is something for you?
    Thank youf or commenting on my blog, dear=)

  4. I think the dancer theme was incredible! There's such beauty in dance. unless of course it's me who's dancing...oh boy, that is not pretty.

  5. Lovely pictures! Aw, pointe shoes make me smile. The whole dancer theme was a really good choice!

    And, I had an American Doll, even though I'm Canadian as well! I had Kayley, the surfer girl, as well as two of the babies, and Coconut the dog. I was obsessed with the magazine too :)

    Great post!

  6. I LOVED the Notebook, but I didn't cry either. I'm with ya--movies just don't move me to tears.

    This is actually about your prior post, but I'm the same way with journals. I have a whole bunch, and I romanticize about the idea that one day my great grandkids will find them and think I was a really cool person.

  7. hey, im a canadian with an american girl too! ive got kit, though i always wanted felicity!

  8. I HATE CHIPPED NAIL POLISH TOO! I just think it is really bad groomimg! It's as good as not brushing teeth or something!

  9. I loooove your dancer theme, so cute!
    and yea, TV definitely makes my Monday nights hah. Nothing like snuggling up to trashy shows!


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