26 January 2010

Good Bye Plain Jayne

Hello Everyone,
Today when I logged onto blogger to actually see if I could *gasp* work on a post. I noticed that Plain Jayne announced her last post forever, and that her blog is no longer online. I was actually pretty upset to hear the news as I loved that blog quite dearly, and read it often. While I posted comments often I never spoke with the author directly, and could think of no other way to contact her then this. I am sorry to see her blog go, it was a regular read of mine for over a year now, and has inspired me in many ways. Plain Jayne you will be missed.

I will have an outfit post soon. I have been pretty busy with school (I know excuses! I am sorry!) and I am a bit sick, so I think I will go and curl up with my tea and watch some bad TV... Teen Mom anyone? Haha I love that show, my guilty pleasure among other things.

I will try to post something with substance soon... Don't give up hope yet.


  1. Plain Jayne has started up a new blog (and set herself some ground rules on it!). It's called "quintessentially quirky," I can't remember the address right now, but there is a link in my side bar to it.

  2. Hi!
    That was a shock, actually.
    (And I thought I'd say I completely agree with your C'est Moi section. I've wanted to live in Star Hollow since I was like, 12 haha).

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