7 February 2010

To Do List

Hey Everyone,
So one thing that I have never done on my blog is a list of guys that I think are hot. My friend B has an album on facebook called the to do list, which I find highly amusing. I thought it would be fun to make my own and share it with you all. Sadly half of them are fictional characters but what can I say, TV is my life. In no particular order:
Ryan Gosling

Canadian and in the Notebook....

The Gossip Girl Guys:

They are half the reason I watch Gossip Girl... the other half is the clothes.

Matt Lanter

I saw him in a movie about figure skating and was like WOW hes hot. I told my friend all about him and she was like well hes yours, I wont even go look, so we will not fight. Then he was on 90210 and she was like wow hes hot, but he was already mine.


The only guy Rory was really meant to be with. I hated Dean, didn't mind Logan (he had his moments). Jess was always right for Rory, at least I think he was.

Taylor Lautner:

Yes okay, I like him. I think he's BEAUTIFUL.

Seth Cohen:

Words can not describe my obsession with Seth. I would rather be Seth then date him. I just think that hes so cool.


It has to do with my love of Vampire Diaries. Damon gets some of the best lines, and he is so sexy. Seriously go watch Vampire Diaries.


Enough Said.

Brad Pitt- Thelma and Louise

One of my favourite movies. Plus its Brad Pitt.

Well that was my very High School Girl post for you all. I'm sure that I am missing a few people, and that you may not agree with my list. But there you go. It was fun to put together.

I hope everyone has a good week, and the timing of this post was quite good, what with Valentines Day coming up so soon.


  1. Ahh Ryan Gosling is gorgeous but you totally forgot to put Jake Gyllenhaal and Channing Tatum on that list!

    im new here!

  2. Completely with you on Jess. It was definitely meant to be...I like to think it actually ended up happening after the cameras stopped rolling on the show. ;)


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