12 June 2012


There is a new show on ABC Spark (basically ABC Family but in Canada) called Bunheads. Its about ballet and Amy Sherman-Palladino (ASP for all you Gilmore Girl fans) is producing it. So OF COURSE I had to watch it. I mean its ballet and is connected to Gilmore Girls, in more ways then one, Kelly Bishop (Emily) is in Bunheads too! I was so upset when Gilmore Girls ended. So hopefully this can help fill that void ( I doubt it... but one can hope). 

It blew every expectation I had right out of the water! It is so nice to have ASP back and have some witty banter, fast paced dialog and the references! Oh how I've missed the references! She doesn't dumb things down for her audience.  I cannot wait to watch more of this. It was like ASP was handing back to me a piece of gilmorism that I lost. Something new and exciting to look forward too.  Not at all like the usual shows on ABC. Way more real and way more relatable. 

You can bet I'll be tuning in next week. 
- Jaclyn

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