20 September 2012

Fried Rice

I saw this Edamame Fried Rice recipe on pintrest. I knew I had to try it. I used the recipe more as a guide and made a HUGE batch of this stuff. Let me tell you it was worth it. Being in university I often don't have a ton of time to prep dishes and love having easy left overs for lunch. This won in both categories.  

I didn't have a wok, so I just used a frying pan. I used red onions rather than scallions and used a mixed bag of frozen peas and carrots. 
This is one of those recipes that was easy to customize. It would be fairly easy to add or subtract a certain vegetable. 

This dish is great on its own, but it would also make a great size dish or it would be an easy thing to add some chicken to. 

What are you having for dinner tonight? 

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