16 August 2013

9 to 5

Today is the last day of my summer internship. It is going to be weird not going to work on Monday and I am really going to miss all of my new friends at the office. The internship was a lot of fun and I learned a lot. But I am ready to go back to school in a couple of short weeks (get ready for some back to school posts in the near future.) What I now feel like I understand from working 9-5:

- The feeling you get when your inbox hits 0

- Weekends. As a student I never felt like I truly owned my weekends. I usually have to study or  if I am really lucky I have an exam.  I also didn't have class everyday so some weekdays felt more like weekends then weekends did. 

- Commuting sucks. Seriously. Being stuck in a car or on the subway for hours everyday is not fun.

I learnt a lot this summer during my internship but I couldn't resist posting this silly list that I felt a lot of people could relate too. I am excited to see what company I end up with next summer for an internship. They are not only great learning opportunities but they also help determine if you actually really do like what you think you want to do for a career.

What is your internship experience?


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