1 August 2013

Honey, Honey

I love honey. I didn't always like it, but it defiantly grew on me and now I always buy local honey when possible (I think it tastes best). So I was super excited to learn that my work had an urban bee farm on its roof. I remember watching TV when I was younger and seeing people all dressed up in bee suits harvesting honey and I wondered what it would be like to have hundreds of bees swarming around you, unable to sting you. Well I got to experience it first hand and learn more about bees and the honey making process. 

I felt like an astronaut in my bee suit. Since we weren't harvesting any honey and just checking on the bees making sure they were okay and the queen was still alive they were pretty docile and didn't seem to mind having us there. There was no bee swarm like I had imagined. 

It was amazing to see all the bees working and seeing the honey comb at different stages. A lot of work sure goes into producing honey. Each hive was like its own little world. It was really cool to see and I cannot wait to one day try the honey that these bees produce. 

I of course went home and had some honey in my tea that night. Here are a few of my favourite recipes with honey. 

Honey Butter Cream on these Strawberry Lemon-aid Cupcakes

A generous drizzle of honey on some raspberry scones

What is your favourite way to enjoy honey? 

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