6 September 2013

Alice's Tea Cup - NYC

On my trip to NYC to visit one of my best friends we went for tea at Alice's Tea Cup. This was one of those places that was meant just for me. They have a wall full of different loose leaf teas and you can order a variety of food including sandwiches and scones. We decided to share a Mad Hatter and got the choice of two sandwiches and three scones. 

The food was great and I loved all the choices you had for scones and teas (it of course took me forever to pick one).  The decor was adorable as well. The table we sat at was once a sewing tabling and there were quotes from the book on the walls. It was overall a great experience and I finally got to have my tea party! It is a place I would recommend going with your girlfriends or on a mother daughter date. I am so glad my friend took me to it, I would not have ever found it other wise!

You can see more photos from my trip here.

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