13 September 2013

Moving On


This post secret from a few weeks ago stuck with me. I am part of a group of five close friends who are now entering our final year at university. We had been friends for years before we all went our separate ways to university. We all kept in touch while at school and continue to see each other during breaks from school or the occasional university visit.  I am proud to say that we have remained friends, and close friends at that. I know that I can call anyone of them no matter what time if I really needed them and they can do the same with me. We still tell each other everything. Yes, in some ways our friendships have had to shift to accommodate the distance and certain dynamics of the group have changed. But when we are all together its like we are back in high school, eating junk food and watching bad TV in one of our basements.  Moving on, leaving home, your friends and family is scary. But it allows you to grow as a person, discover who you are away from all of them and there are so many new friendships waiting for you at school. So don't be afraid, embrace the change but don't forget the friends you've had for your entire life.

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