29 August 2012

Day in the life of...

I thought it would be fun to post what a typical day looks like for me as a University Student.  This is what my day typically looked like as a second year science student.

7:30 AM 
Alarm goes off. I hit snooze a couple of times, finally get out of bed and hit the shower. Put on my make-up, check the weather and get dressed for the day.  Eat breakfast (usually either cereal or toast nothing too fancy) and throw together a salad for lunch if I am going to be on campus all day. I finish packing my bag and pour my tea into my travel mug before I head out the door. 

9:00 AM 
Leave the house and head to meet my friend to walk to our first class of the day together. 

9:30 AM 
First class of the day. Its an hour long, but they pack a lot into that hour. Depending on the class I either use my computer to take notes, or I print them out the night before. 

10:30 AM
I have a half hour break before my next class. Generally I use this time to eat a snack, check my emails, or call my mom. Then I head out to my next class since its in a different building.

11:00 AM - 2:00 PM
My next class is an hour and half, its my business course, one of my electives.  Then I have two more science courses back to back with my business class. We get 10 minutes between classes to get to each one. 

2:00 PM 
If I haven't eaten yet, I will finish my lunch then either head home or to the library to study depending on how much work I have. Generally if I have actual work to do like assignments or practice problems I will do those at home. If it is serious studying or I find I haven't been able to focus well lately then I will head to the library or somewhere quiet on campus to study.  I also either make dinner at home or buy dinner on campus before I head out to my night class. 

6:00 PM 
I head back to campus (if I went home) to my night lab. It is scheduled for three hours but I can usually get them done within 2 if I work efficiently. 

8:00 or 9:00 PM 
Once my lab is done, I head home for the night. Usually I am too tired at this point to do any more work for the night and will only do some if I have to. Usually I will relax and watch tv or hang out with friends. 

11:30 PM 
I gather my books that I will need for the next day onto the kitchen table. Shut down my computer and call it a night. 

Everyone's schedule is different and mine varies from day to day. This is the most typical day for me, and generally is what I experienced in first year as well. I try to schedule my classes so that I have fewer breaks between them or make them large enough breaks that I can get as much studying done as possible. However this does not always work out.  I also try my best to get a work out in here or there, but I don't feel too guilty if I don't as I am walking to and from class with a fairly heavy bag every day. 

What does your day typically look like? 

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