22 August 2012

University: What NOT to pack

The summer before first year I tried to find everything I could about going away for University and what it was really like. I wanted advice and I wanted the perspective of a real girl, some who actually was going through University at the time. It was hard to find, sure many magazines give advice but none of it seemed real or relatable. I gave you my suggested packing list two weeks ago here. This is my list of things you should leave at home when headed to University.

  • stuffed animals - Some people do bring them, I think I brought one my first year. But leave the entire collection at home, remember your room isn't that big.
  • books - leave your entire library at home. You will have a ton of reading do to for class and honestly probably won't get around to reading anything else, you will want to hang out with the people on your floor and in your building. If you must bring a couple but remember you are limited on space!
  • your entire dvd collection - you probably wont watch them. You can watch a ton of stuff on your computer now a days and there really isn't that much room too store them.  Bring your favourites and rotate them through the year.
  • decorative pillows - If you must, bring one, at most. They just get in the way and end up on the floor.
  • kitchen appliances - most universities don't allow them usually for fire hazard reasons. Check with your university what they do and do not allow.
  • t shirts - you will get more over sized unflattering t-shirts then you know what to do with. Trust me. I am pretty sure on the first day before I even got to my room I was given 3. And there were more given throughout the week.
  • room decoration - they often have poster sales at the start of the year where you can get tons of cool posters, once you know where you would like to put them.
  • sports equipment - unless you are on a varsity team or know for sure you are going to play I would wait on bring up all your sports equipment until you know if you are going to need it.
  • tv and gaming system -chances are someone on your floor will bring them, and the floor lounge generally has a tv. Plus your computer is a great way to watch shows and movies.
  • candles - most universities do not allow open flames in rez
Hope you found this list helpful. Remember you don't have a ton of room in Rez and if you live close enough you can always bring stuff up later or after Thanksgiving Weekend once you know how much space you really have. 
To see what to pack click here
- Jaclyn

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