15 December 2012

24 Days of Tea: Week 2

 I have been wanting to try David's organic breakfast for a while now. I love black teas and I am often looking for something that is not flavoured. Personally I found it tasted like any english breakfast tea and was hoping it would be a bit smoother. I don't think that this will be replacing my favourite, Cream Earl Grey, as my everyday tea but I still enjoyed it. 
I was really excited to see that it was a green tea. It's about time. I was disappointed when I turned it over to see that it was hot lips. I have sampled this in store before and I did not like it. Hot is right. It is supposed to taste like cinnamon hears which I am not a huge fan of.
This is one of the teas I was most excited to try. I have only read about it on steepster and wasn't sure if it would actually work. The reviews were also mixed on this one about its taste so I have always been a little hesitant to try. I hated the smell of it. It was awful. I think it was the berries but I am not sure. I didn't mind the taste. It started to grow on me. The longer I let it sit and cool the better it got. I enjoyed it room temperature.  It also helped to settle my stomach so I think it is something I would purchase. It would probably make for a great after dinner tea. 
Its lovely weather for a sleigh ride together with you.... I had this song stuck in my head ALL day, from the moment I opened the calendar and saw what tea it was. I was so excited to see a Christmas tea (fitting as we are 2 weeks from Christmas at this point).  I really enjoyed this tea. My favourite this week so far.  It just tasted like Christmas should. It was stuffed full of yummy-ness. 
Okay so I know that this is one of David's Tea best sellers but I am not its biggest fan. Every time I go in they pull it off the shelf and I'm like yaaa but do you have something else. I tried it a long time ago and I really didn't enjoy it but I am giving it another chance. It smells great before you steep it and I love that there is apple in it. It kind of tastes like apple pie to me and I think I might be starting to like it. I am not loving the after taste of cinnamon (I think I am starting to sense a pattern of not liking cinnamon heavy teas).  
This tea lived up to its name. It was fruity and delicious. It was light on the taste but it would make the perfect afternoon or evening tea. I think this may be the rooibos I end up buying. 
This is my favourite herbal tea at David's. It is so delicious and fruity. I drank it iced every day this summer. It is the perfect iced tea but I also enjoy it hot. If you haven't tried this tea yet then you should. Probably one of my top five favourites at David's.

This week: 6/7 
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