27 December 2012

Week 4: 24 Days of Tea

Another tea I have wanted to try for a while. While I don't know if it has any real health benefits I am enjoying drinking it. The first infusion was good but the second infusion was GREAT! So much smoother. I will probably end up purchasing some of this tea I have been wanted to add an oolong to my collection for a while now.

I wish I could comment on this tea but when I opened my door for the 23rd gogi pop was sitting there instead of Vanilla Oolong. I was very upset by this discovery because I wanted to try another oolong after having such success with The Skinny yesterday. Oh well.
What a perfect way to end the 24 days of tea. Santa's secret was nice and Christmassy. I loved the cute little candy canes in it. It had a slight minty fresh flavour to it and I really enjoyed it. I am really sad that the calendar has come to an end I have been enjoying trying all the different teas everyday and I now have a growing list of teas that I have to pick up from David's. Cannot wait to go on a mini (or not so mini) tea shopping spree.
What were your favourites from the calendar if you participated? And if you didn't what are your favourite teas? 

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