23 January 2013

Beating the cold

It has been super cold these past few days. If I didn't have to go to class I probably wouldn't. It is FREEZING! I have been bundled up in my warmest sweaters, boots and scarves when I leave the house. Here is how I have been beating the cold:

1. Moisturizer 

The first thing I do when I get home is take off al my make up and apply a thick layer of moisturizer to  my face. The cold and wind are super drying so it is important to keep your face nice and moisturized. I  usually also apply lip chap and drink lots of water through out the day.

2. Cozy Sweaters and Leggings - I love putting on my big oversized sweaters and leggings as soon as I get home. Nothing like comfort and warmth in the winter. 

3. Cozy Socks 
 My friend made me these socks and they are the warmest things ever. I have an obsession with socks and slippers but nothing beats homemade :)

4. Movies and a blanket - snuggling up under a blanket to a movie is the perfect way to spend any cold afternoon. 

5. Hot Chocolate or Tea
Nothing is better then a warm drink after being out in the cold all day. I love tea lattes or rich and creamy hot chocolate.

What is your favourite way to beat the cold?


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