12 January 2013

New Beauty Buys

It has been forever since I bought makeup (other then foundation and mascara).  I have been using MAC eye shadow and I have been using it for years and I love it but I wanted something different. I have been hearing great things about Urban Decay and their Naked Pallets. I decided to get the original Naked pallet (mostly because Naked 2 was sold out). They are fairly similar and since I don't have any Urban Decay eyeshadow I wasn't too picky.

I have been really liking the naked pallet so far. The colours are beautiful and they go on nice and smooth even without the primer that it comes with. I think the best part of the whole pallet though is the brush. It is my new favourite. It is very densely packed so you get a ton of coverage with it. The best make up brush I have ever received with a pallet by far.

I also finally caved and purchased MAC's Fluid-line. It is their gel eyeliner and all the reviews that I have read have said that it is the best one. It is pretty reasonably priced at $18 but if you have to buy the brush as well it can really add up. I have been using it on a daily basis since I got it and I love how easy it is to use. Nice and forgiving. You can easily fix any mistakes you have made and it is fairly easy to wipe off before it dries. I love that it stays on my bottom lashline all day and that I can wear as much or as little as a like. 

What are your new favourite beauty buys? 

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