19 March 2014

Establishing Fitness Habits

The weather has finally started to warm up (most days), and the snow is slowly starting to melt. So I have been coming out of hibernation and have actually been getting to the gym and walking to class way more! I go through phases where I actually go to the gym on a regular basis but then something comes up and I stop, I find excuses and before I know it it has been months since I have step foot in a gym. 

After reading this article of "15 Fitness Habits to Establish in your 20s" by Women's Health, I am trying to build some healthier habits.  Once of those is getting to the gym (I am trying to aim for 3x a week). I have found that once I actually start going to the gym on a regular basis I look forward to it and I start to look up different circuits and exercises online.  
One of the biggest obstacles for me is getting over the fact that every workout doesn't have to be a big production. I think this stems from the fact that I used to figure skate and train 4-5x a week. This included on and off-ice training. Which meant an hour working out off the ice before even getting on the ice some days. Working out for me then, always meant it took a large portion out of my day.  I have started to come to realization that any sort of workout is better then no workout. Even if I can only be at the gym for a half hour thats better then nothing and its more likely that I will stick with working out in the long run because it enforces the habit. 
I also know that I need a goal to work towards. Something that is attainable yet challenging. I find when I work out just to work out that I get bored too quickly. I also need to set goals that I want to attain. I used to always set running goals. But I HATE running. I would rather do anything other then run. So these goals were pointless because I didn't really want to work towards them. I now set goals that I actually want to achieve which makes working out a bit more fun. 

Do have any advice for sticking to a workout plan? 
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