12 March 2014

Mini Cupcakes

I made just over 200 of these little guys the other day for an event.  I was surprised at how quickly I was able to make them and how smoothly it seemed to go (minus a couple of slight mishaps). I bought all the materials ahead of time and only had to send the boy out once for some extra sour cream (those containers look like they hold more then they do) so I am going to count that as a win.

I learned that with mini cupcakes its really important to not overfill them. I found filling them about half full was perfect for this recipe. I would recommend a using a stand mixer if you can get your hands on one. The process probably would have gone a lot faster if I had one. My poor hand held mixer just couldn't keep up and the motor ended up giving out so there was another emergency run to target for a new one (I have a stand mixer but its unfortunately not with me at school).  

Everyone seemed to really love these small treats. The icing was a HUGE hit! I think I can cross cupcake tower off my list because this was a huge undertaking. I have my cake class tonight that I am really excited for. I am hoping to do a review on it once I have gone to more then just one class!

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  1. These look amazing Jacyln! I really like the cases. I've never made mini cupcakes before, something to add to my list of baking!
    Emma Xx

    1. Thanks Emma! You should totally make them! The make cupcakes even cuter!


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