29 October 2012


Its that time of year again. Mid-terms every other week and assignments piling up. You are short on time and energy. Study sessions run into the early morning hours and junk food suddenly becomes the staple in your diet.  The lack of sleep, overload of junk food and overall stress of midterms often leads to colds which are never fun, trust me I've been there.
Here is my advice for beating midterms and staying healthy (or at least trying too) during them:

1. Get some sleep! 
2. Take a multi vitamin 
3. Wash your hands regularly
4. Make a study schedule...stick to it
5. Don’t forget to schedule time for yourself, even for an hour
6. Do your best to eat healthy. (Green Smoothie anyone?) 
7. Get in some exercise... or at least some fresh air!

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