12 October 2012

Turkey Apple Brie Sandwich

 The best part about Thanksgiving (after spending time with family and eating yourself into a food coma) are the leftovers. I pretty much had enough food to last me the week, which is awesome! So what did I do with all my left over turkey? Make a Turkey Apple Brie sandwich of course.
This sandwich has everything I love in it. It has the perfect amount of crunch from the apples, sweetness from honey and creamy-ness from the cheese. It is probably up there in my top three favourite sandwiches. 

Turkey breast
Apple, thinly sliced 
brie cheese, sliced 
2 slices of bread

Spread layer of honey onto one piece of bread. Add single layer of apple slices. Pile turkey onto apples (I like to grill my turkey for a couple minutes until it is heated through first).  Add a handful of spinach and finish with a layer of brie cheese.  Place sandwich on panini grill until cheese is melted about 5 mins or so. 

What is your favourite left over turkey recipe?

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  1. This looks amazing!! yummm makes me hungry :)



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