10 October 2012

Fall Cords

Pants: American Eagle. Shirt: American Eagle. Sweater: The Bay  Scarf: gift. Shoes: Steve Madden
My school year has been crazy busy so far with no signs of it slowing down. Fridays feel like such a relief when they finally appear after gloomy Mondays.  The weather has started to cool off a bit which I am loving. I am enjoying breaking out the fall wardrobe and wearing scarves again!  This is another outfit that I wore to class. 

I was super excited when I went to American Eagle and they had coloured skinny cords. I debated for a while which colour to get. They had a really pretty light pink and teal colour but I decided to go with the light grey colour because I felt I could get the most wear out of them. They are so comfortable and perfect for fall. 

Have a great day!

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