4 March 2013

Getting to the Gym

I find it so difficult to actually get to the gym and work out. I am forever finding excuses as why I shouldn't go. I am busy. I just showered. I'm tired. I'll go tomorrow.   
Here are somethings I have found helpful in getting to the gym. 

1. Creating a schedule... and sticking to it! 

No more excuses. If it is written down then I have to go. I find going right after class works best for me and I give myself two rest days which I use to make up for days I have to miss because I have reports or assignments. 

2. Packing my gym bag the night before

When I pack my gym bag the night before I don't have to rush around in the morning to make sure I have everything. This way I can grab it an go in the mornings. 

3. Finding a work out routine that I enjoy

I found this work out routine on Pinterest. Surprise Surprise. I like how it gradually gets more difficult and I love that I can download a check list to keep track of all my workouts. It is a great visual and helps to keep me accountable. 

What are your tips on getting to the gym and do you have a favourite workout routine? I would love to hear about it.

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