20 March 2013

Identity Crisis

I have been having a serious case of The Blahs lately. I am tired of this wintery weather. I am ready for spring! Seriously getting dressed in the mornings is getting harder and harder. I don't want to wear boots any more or thick wool sweaters. I want to wear cute flats and light cardigans. I want to wear my trench coat. I am tired of mittens. Seriously is it spring yet? I open my closet and I just hate all of my clothes. I don't want to wear any of it. I go shopping I don't see anything in the stores that I am just dying to purchase. I change my outfit more times then I care to say. I think I am having a style identity crisis. Its driving me nuts. I seriously envy all of the bloggers who live in warm weather climates or who seem to be able to layer in their sleep. I pull out a shirt and it looks foreign to me. Did I seriously buy this? Did I actually wear this? I need a serious style intervention. Someone please. How do I find my style identity again?   

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