13 January 2014


Recently, I have been on the hunt for cookbooks. I want to grow my current non existent collection. I love looking through the photos of delicious food and reading the stories that go along with the recopies. There are so many cookbooks out there that I feel overwhelmed at which ones to get. I mean there are cookbooks that focus completely on one ingredient, others just on cupcakes, some on health and others on regions. How am I supposed to choose? My local Indigo has shelves upon shelves of cookbooks but I can never decide on which ones I want to take home. Do I go for the celebrity chef, the trusted food blogger or someone completely unknown? Decisions. Decisions. I recently got a Winner's gift card for Christmas so I decided to use part of it to towards my cookbook collection and purchased this book yesterday on a whim:

The beautiful cake on the front and the scalloped pages drew me in. I spent all of last night reading the stories behind the different recipes and deciding on which I want to attempt first and what fun new equipment I want to buy.

Any cookbooks you can suggest? I want a broad collection of different foods and flavours. I think these 3 are next on my list: 


  1. I've walked by that cookbook a million times at the bookstore - so pretty with the cake! I've been wanting to pick it up, can't wait to hear how you like it

  2. Hi Jaclyn, if you can, try and find Tessa Kiros's Apples for Jam. It's a bit hefty, and I find it an odd size for a cookbook, but I love her lyrical writing and the stories and pictures that go with the food. And most of the food I've made from that cookbook actually tastes good! :)

  3. Thanks for the suggestion! I love cookbooks that have stories along with the food. I will look for it next time I am at Chapters.

  4. I haven't made anything yet but the photos are beautiful. It was only $8 at Winners if you have a store near you.


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