27 January 2014


Mondays. Everyone hates them. They are even worse coming off a great weekend. I managed to escape home this weekend for a quick one night visit which was very much needed. I was felling incredibly homesick since coming back from the holidays. I always seem to get very homesick after the holidays. It always feels too soon to go back to school. This year with the ice storm I really felt like I had been robbed time at home since we were without power for four days.  My short trip home was the perfect mini vacation from the stress of school. 
These past couple of weeks have been really stressful for me. It seemed like everything was happening all at once. I had major conference to plan, midterms to study for, internship applications due. I felt like I was being pulled in about 100 different directions and being a perfectionist I wanted to give everything 100% which I soon learned was just not possible.  
Usually, I can prioritize. I know what needs to get done first. What is most important and what can fall to the back burner until I can catch my breath for a minute. These last few weeks it seemed like everything was important and would impact my life in different various ways. With the conference date nearing that took precedence which meant that when midterms starting rolling around I had less time to cram in more information. Then a job application would be due and those deadlines are hard and fast. You cannot miss it. Writing cover letters already is a bit of chore plus the pressure of getting a good internship was looming overhead. One decision would affect right now, the next could affect the future. Some (like getting good grades) affect both. Unfortunately, it seemed like the thing to fall to the back burner was my relationships and my me time. Both I have learnt are extremely important. I felt that I was too busy to call my mom, take a minute to stop and actually eat or grab that extra hour of sleep. Which only lead to me getting sick and being forced to slow down.
Everyone always tells me to enjoy being a student while I can. Savor these last few semesters. Enjoy it. But part of me cannot wait to graduate. To hopefully reclaim some of my evenings and weekends (is this wishful thinking?). I am tired of studying seemingly useless facts and regurgitating information in multiple choice format. Clearly, I am tired of studying. Luckily it seems like there is a light at the end of the tunnel. My last midterm is this Friday, the conference is over and hopefully I will hear back about some internships shortly. Today, I just need to get through Monday.

I meant to post this earlier today but Monday just seemed to get away from me. Being on campus for 13 hours didn't help. 

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